Tuesday, 17 May 2016

In Stock Now: A New GEROGERIGEGEGE Album + RAKTA 7"s

In what must be one of the biggest surprises in quite some time, Juntaro has not only surfaced from total obscurity but has recorded and released a new GEROGERIGEGEGE album. I know in the back of your head you always think of the future as being all weird / mutated / shambolic but this is truly something we at BtR didn't see coming. We'll refrain from getting all descriptive with the album contents (other than, it's really really good) so as to not spoil the surprise and let people judge for themselves. BtR also has a handful of copies of Gero's Morte Douce Live CD that comes from Juntaro's own personal copies, if you're interested please get in touch via email.

Also now in stock is the latest 7" from one of the most exciting + nicest bands on the planet right, RAKTA. We've got the new 7", collaboration 7" with CADAVER EM TRANSE (R.I.P.), as well as THE PESSIMISTS 7" and ACAVERNUS tape which both feature Rakta members, as well as the POST tape and last but not least, the best reissue of 2015, MERCENARIAS' 1983 demo 7".

Head over to the redesigned shop page (blowthereactors.bigcartel.com) to order. Most of the older distro titles have been condensed into one listing. If you'd like any of that then please email an order in.