Monday, 7 September 2015

Distro Update

Distro update. Finally got the mammoth c90 DRUNK IN HELL tapes, only took three years for them to get released, thanks to Lupus Records for sorting that one out. VEGANSLIME #3 is up for sale now too, which features a hummus recipe by none other than Blow the Reactors. As well as those two we've got copies of Becoming the Forest zine straight from Una and a(nother) restock of Please Don't Feed the Bears.
The summer has been slow here but fast elsewhere, more news soon.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

New Corrupted 7" Available to Order

Straight from MCR / Crust War Japan, the new Corrupted 7" has arrived here at BtR. Head to the store to order.

Friday, 15 May 2015

BTR013: NOOTHGRUSH - Fiesta Grande and Other Public Failures cassette release + tour merch available

Today sees the proper release of the NOOTHGRUSH live tape on BtR. This hour long tape sees a mix of live songs ranging from 1995 - 1999, including four songs from their set at Fiesta Grande #4, and a rare unheard live version of 8D8 from '95. Initial copies come with a screen printed patch.

Also up for sale are left over copies of the tour version of the NOOTHGRUSH / SUPPRESSION split 5", which was released by BtR and Fuck Yoga pretty much exactly three years ago. As well as these two releases, there's also a few tour left overs including shirts, the Live at Gilman 10", and the split LP with Coffins.

As always, head to the BtR store to purchase.

Copies of the new CORRUPTED 7" are on their way from Japan. If you'd like anything held back while we wait for them to arrive, just shoot me an email.

Next up are the tape releases from NADIR, ROTTEN and SEX WOUND. Pretty much all the masters are in so expect them soon.

Friday, 24 April 2015

Noothgrush in the UK

BtR is joining Noothgrush on a short tour this weekend across London, Leeds and Edinburgh. Come to the merch table to find a new live tape on BtR with tracks from Fiesta Grande 4, plus a mix of others from the mid to late 90's. Also released for the weekend is a tour version of the split 5" with Suppression, coming in a screen printed pouch and stamped label. Both will be available on the BtR store upon our return next week. Do say hello if you'll be attending any of the gigs over the weekend.

Friday, 6 February 2015

Soy Not Oi! 2 + The Stalin vs Hijokaidan CDs now in stock

Now in stock, the hot off the press and long awaited sequel to Soy Not Oi! comes Soy Not Oi! 2, a vegan cookbook of absolutely mammoth (pro)portions. I believe this is only the second batch to make it out of the USA. Also in is the StaKaidan (The Stalin and Hijokaidan) live in 1983 CD which I didn't even know existed this time a week ago. As historical documents of the early Japanese extreme music scene goes, this is one of the most important. Both are up now at the BtR store (link at the top).

In other news, BtR is upping sticks and moving to London, so if any of you have saved the Torquay address, please discard that one. Looks as though I'll have to get the Killing Technology lyric sheet out again. Business will remain as usual with lots more in the pipeline.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

New Spencer Clark LP in stock + January Sale

Now in stock is the new LP from the toucan prince himself and ex(?) Skater Spencer Clark under the Fourth World Magazine alias "Pinhead in Fantasia". Comes in a magazine sleeve with lots of writing from Charles Berlitz, that guy from Volcanic Tongue and a whole host more. Fine stuff, I can't think of when Spencer hasn't been on top form throughout the years but this material sees him advance a new chapter/era/page.

There's also been a number of january sale reductions across the store, highlights include:

MOB RULES - Nothing Left LP - £7.50
IRON LUNG - White Glove Test LP - £6
DISGUISE - System Shock 7" - £3
VIOLENT REACTION - Dead End 7" - £3.50
MANKIND - S/T 7" - £3.50
SNOB - S/T - £3.50
NUDES - Stain 7" - £4
CHURCH WHIP - Final 7" - £4
SCUMHEADS - 2014 Demo tape - £3
GAZE - 2013 Demo tape - £3
PANZRAM - Judgement Night Soundtrack tape - £2
SETE STAR SEPT - Overdose tape - £2
SETE STAR SEPT - Sacrifice LP + Visceral Tavern LP - £7 each