Thursday, 14 August 2014

Yet Another Please Don't Feed the Bears Restock

That's right, more copies of Please Don't Feed the Bears (aka, best cookbook ever) are now in and available at the BtR store. Comes with a BtR bookmark too.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

New Workin' Man Noise Unit tape + more Wölfbait + Big Cartel returns

In what must be one of the quickest releases yet for BtR, we now have another tape for you from WORKIN' MAN NOISE UNIT. "Cack Sabbath Vol 420" is a three track homage Tony, Geezer, Bill and Ozzy. Cheap, somewhat cheerful (it was recorded drunk in Jamie's front room) and fucked around with in that wholesome Workin' Man way. Dom's now a graphic designer too.

Also up for order is the new WÖLFBAIT tape all the way from the USA, this one looks (and sounds) incredible. If Mob Rules have the tshirt of the year, then Wölfbait have the patch of the year, I can't stop touching it (does anyone else sew an embroidered patch next to their pockets so they can run their fingers over them once in a while? I do, it feels real nice). Superb job from Ryan Aircraft of Anthems of the Undesirable on these.

Against my better jugement, I've reinstated the Big Cartel page for orders. That shop page was getting frustrating, and things are picking up a little on the BC. I hope people weren't favouring automation over BtR emails. Any way, it should be a little smoother over there now, on the rare occassion shipping seems out of whack, just email me the order and I'll sort it out.

Should be getting a restock of PLEASE DON'T FEED THE BEARS real soon, tell all your vegan friends.