Thursday, 22 May 2014

Happy 100th Birthday to the Greatest

Instead of working away at the latest label / distro update today, I've been celebrating the life and times of Sun Ra, who was 'born' 100 years ago today.

"What it is what it is"

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

May Update

Do excuse the quiet spell on here, it's been nothing but quiet here at the BtR HQ what with all the Workin' Man Noise Unit orders (thank you to everyone that's ordered) and a ton of cassette projects. Next week will see the release of the CULVER triple tape set and the SETE STAR SEPT / TWO MILLION TONS OF SHIT split tape, along with a massive distro update. Some of you may already be enjoying that split if I bumped into you drunk at Temples Festival last weekend.

Along with the All Dead Tapes / Sick Head deadstock update I've got a few GOOD THROB LPs in too, aswell as a bunch of SCUMHEADS, STRONG BOYS and GAZE tapes on their way from Dogs and Vultures over in Ireland. Oh and copies of the recent NADIR tape, which I'm pretty sure will be one of the releases of the year, musically and visually.

Here's a preview of the 7S7 / 2MTOS split, artwork by Gaz: