Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Calm Before the Storm

The BtR store is moving away from Big Cartel and will go through this site from now on. I'll still keep a few things on the BC page just incase any one has it bookmarked, there's no point keeping it open when most people buy from Discogs right now. The main store page will be on this blog very soon, I just have to get it all figured out and working well, which will be in a week or two.

When it is up and running, I'll have a big update with a load of Sump / All Dead Tapes stuff, some left overs from Sick Head tapes, and the next three BtR releases, one of which hasn't been announced yet. More info on that very soon.

The Workin' Man Noise Unit 7" will be here any day now and will be ready for the release gig at South Street Arts Centre in Reading on february 7th.