Thursday, 10 October 2013

Sete Star Sept - Overdose Release + Post Tour / Distro Update

The new BtR release, Sete Star Sept's "Overdose" is out now, head over to the BtR store to purchase.

It contains five new songs plus a live set from Korea earlier in the year, clocking in at 22:22 total. Max volume, no dolby.

Clear acetate cover over a double sided colour cover, with glow in the dark spray painted tapes. All hand assembled / folded / sprayed / dubbed (on a monster duplicator) here at the BtR HQ.

Released to commemorate the UK / Ireland tour, which went extremely well. Normal life mo kekko desu! Thank you to all the people who put us up, fed us, gave us booze and had to endure our snoring. Extra special thanks to everyone in Ireland, We'd all kill for another Beamish.

Big update to the BtR store with lots of 7S7 items and a few other bits including:

SETE STAR SEPT - Visceral Tavern LP
SETE STAR SEPT - Tape Collection CD
SETE STAR SEPT - Vinyl Collection CD
SETE STAR SEPT - Visceral Tavern CD
SETE STAR SEPT -  Live in Baltimore CD

The above items (apart from the Vinyl Collection) are from the band as they didn't have enough luggage space to take them back to Japan. The money from these will be going straight to the band. Also now in store:

BRAINBOMBS - Disposal of a Dead Body 2xLP
THE WANKYS - Still Love the Noise 7"
THE WANKYS - Knock One Out LP