Thursday, 5 September 2013


Sete Star Sept will be heading to the UK and Ireland in three weeks time, and as previously mentioned, BtR will be releasing a cassette to commemorate the tour. "Overdose" contains five new songs plus a live set from Korea earlier in the year, all clocking in at 22 minutes and 22 seconds total. 7S7 will have them for sale during the whole tour, after which, they'll be up for sale on the BtR store (and through the band). Distros, do get in touch if you'd like wholesale.

This is how the tour is shaping up, I'll post when the Brighton date gets confirmed. If anyone can help with the October 3rd date then please get in touch...

In other news the WORKIN' MAN NOISE UNIT 7" artwork is tantalisingly close to completion. I'm also working on getting copies of the new BRAINBOMBS 2xLP in stock, yeah that's right, a brand new Brainbombs album (not the recently released Singles Vol.2). If all goes to plan I'll have them in time for the tour and will bring along a bunch of copies. BtR and SuperFi are becoming tag team distro senzuri champions on each of the 7S7 tour dates, do say hello if you're about.