Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Coming soon...

...this year on BtR:

SUMP - VII: Ways to Pass into Death LP

Vinyl version of last years tape. Best Sump material yet. If all goes to plan initial copies will come with a flexi.



Debut 7" by Julian Cope's favourite Reading reprobates, music for / by bastards, as he said recently on Stuart Maconie's BBC6 show.

LICE - Demos LP

Early 90's sludge rock that bizarrely still remains unreleased. This record will compile both demos, which is about all the band ever managed to record. Those familiar with the Enlightenment 10" compilation on Soledad will recognise Lice's track "Earthmover", which features on the second demo. Featuring Tim Green from THE FUCKING CHAMPS and THE NATION OF ULYSSES.

I'm trying to source a tape duplicator if anyone can help. I wouldn't go as far as to say BtR will be 'another tape' label but I'd sure like to churn out cheap tapes from time to time. A Telex ACC-4000 would be ideal, be sure to send along a message if you can help in any way. Thanks.