Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Complete and Total Hell!

The new MIDNIGHT 2xLP compiling all their pre Satanic Royalty material is now in stock at the BtR store. Sorry for the higher than usual price on these, shipping things from the US is very costly these days. I wish there was some way around this, but right now there dosn't seem to be any.

Another recent addition to the store is the new 7" from ENDLESS GRINNING SKULLS. I'm hoping to get a few more bits in in the coming weeks, including the NASA SPACE UNIVERSE US tour 12" and that Grief live 7" from a few years ago.

Please Don't Feed the Bears sold out way quicker than expected, thanks for all the orders and positive feedback from everyone. I'll be getting more copies from Abjorn (Brad) very soon, do drop me an email if you want to be informed when they come in stock (as with anything else). The CISMA tape is now sold out, I only have a few left of the BIG WAVE tapes too, the label and the band themselves are out of copies so BtR might well be the last place to get one.

A quick word on shipping via Big Cartel. If you'd like to place an order for a few things and find the shipping amount a bit more than it should be, just email me the order. Big Cartel dosn't seem to handle shipping very well on things like this. If you'd prefer going through the store, I'll gladly refund the shipping difference once I send your parcel off.

Thanks for all the orders so far!